Singer Resources

Here are the stage directions for our dress rehearsal and concert:
Part One
[please be seated on stage before 3:00]
Stand, as directed, before we begin the Introduction
Sit before we begin p. 27
Stand before we begin #9, p. 38
Part Two
[please be seated on stage]
Stand at the end of p. 69; we will pause briefly before continuing with page 70
NOTE: we are cutting #17, so be ready to turn to p. 76
Sit at the end of p. 84
Stand before we begin #24, p. 97
Sit at the conclusion of p. 113
[Tuning break, but no intermission]
Part Three
Stand at p. 116
NOTE: we are cutting #30 and #31, resuming at #32, p. 150


Here is a link to a spirited performance, which will give you an idea of what this work will sound like with the orchestra and soloists. There are links below the video that will take you to the beginning of each section.